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Your F&B Avocado Specialist
in Malaysia.

✅ Enjoy consistent supply of good quality avocados to your F&B business to minimize costs and maximize profit.

✅ Kickstart your avocado-related food and beverage products with convenience, cost-efficiency and speed.

✅Solve all your avocado issues in 1 day, NEVER MISS A SINGLE CUSTOMER.


about us.

We provide Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses e.g. restaurants, cafes, beverage shops with cost-effective, easy-to-use fruit solutions to grow their products profitably and sustainably. Our flagship solutions are avocado fruit & avocado pulp (100% fresh and natural avocado smash with longer shelf life).

We know Avocados.

We are not fruit traders, we cut and use avocados every day. we're avocado experts you can trust.

We process more than 3000KG of avocados monthly to meet our clients’ high demands. Therefore, our unique experience enables us to solve all obstacles that stop you from growing your profitable avocado product.
Excellent Quality

We carefully selected the world’s finest avocados, turn them into ready-to-eat avocado pulp for restaurant owners and health-conscious individuals like you. It will help you to achieve consistent product quality and customer experience!

Consistent Supply

There is always a shortage in avocado supply due to the high demand worldwide, unpredictable weather and natural disaster. Fortunately, You don’t have to worry about these issues anymore! We consistently supply you with the excellent quality avocado pulp freshly made from the best avocados.

Cost Minimization

We customize each packet according to your recipe. By using 1 packet for each drink/dish, you can achieve zero avocado wastage and maximum efficiency, no more avocado oxidization problem. Even better, you can minimize mental stress, staff training, and bad customer reviews. The extra costs you save here are 30% more than an avocado itself. What you save is what you earn!

Profit Maximization

With the consistent supply of good quality avocado pulp, you will never miss a single customer, no more waiting your for the forever-unripe avocados! Now you can put more effort into marketing because your business is always ready to serve more customers!

Avocado Fruit
  • Single Outlet
  • Affected by Seasons
  • Ripening Speed Varies
  • Quality Slightly Varies
  • 3 Days Replacement
  • Shelf Life: 1 - 10 days
  • Potential Wastage
  • Seasonal Pricing
  • Unripe/Semi/Ripe

Still the best avocados in the market.

Avocado Pulp
  • Multiple Outlets
  • Stable Supply
  • Always Ready to Serve
  • Consistent Quality
  • 100% Replacement
  • Shelf Life: 2 - 3 Months
  • ZERO Wastage
  • Stable Pricing
  • Size Customization Individual Packaging

The real worry-free avocado experience.

Introducing Avocado Pulp

Consistency is the key. You can now serve unlimited customers with perfectly ripe avocado pulp in every packet.

Size customization and individual packaging are available.

No more oxidization, no rotten avocados, no wastage, we bear all risks!

Sustainable Avocado Program

We help you to kickstart/improve your Avocado-related food and beverage products with convenience, cost-efficiency and speed.

AvoPreneur Starter Program is designed to support F&B businesses which understand the potential of Avocado in scaling their profit margin and brand, with limited knowledge in dealing with Avocado at scale.

fREE sample

Get free samples of Avocado Pulp for your recipe research and development.


Special Discount

Enjoy 20% discount on your 1st order. 5% discount for 2nd and 3rd order.


Excellent Support & Consultation

Access to resources on Avocado-related recipe development and research, SOP, business strategy, Receive advice and news relating to Avocado products.


Worry-free Experience

After understanding your business needs, we will get everything set up within a week. We ensure consistent supply, good quality, and stable pricing of avocados in the future. 

Some of Our Clients

They use our avocados on their beverages, dishes, and even sushi.

Our team.

Honest. Sincere. Friendly. Responsible. Passionate.
Hua Lun

Chief Sales Officer

Winson Khor

Chief Operation Officer

Meng Kuan

Chief Executive Officer

Kai Yong

Chief Marketing Officer

Joy Loo

Chief Finance Officer

Why Us?

We promise you a smooth & worry-free fruit journey.
in Malaysia

We’re the only avocado specialist in Malaysia’s F&B industry. We know F&B. We know avocados. We know your pain. 

Quality & Support

We help you to minimize costs and maximize profit. We ensure you a worry-free avocado experience since the day one of our partnership.


We focus more on avocado solution, partnerships and long-term business, instead of daily avocado trade. We want to grow together with you.

Start your journey with us now

Start your worry-free fruit journey now!

You will be happy, your chefs will be happier, your customers will be the happiest.